Emergency First Aid level C + Severe Allergic Reactions 1,5 h (9H)

Course description :

Emergency First Aid Level C is fast-paced and extensive 1-day course that delivers proven methods for providing basic, urgent assistance to injured or ill adults, children and infants. Through a combination of instruction, demonstration, and hands-on practice, participants will learn how to determine the severity of a patient’s condition and practice safe intervention when providing them with emergency support.

This course is aimed at lay rescuers or employees who are required to receive 8 hours or less of emergency or basic first aid instruction/practice as stipulated by provincial or federal health & safety regulations.
A 1.5-hour anaphylaxis learning module developed by Quebec’s Ministry of Health is combined with this course. Learn how to provide care to someone who is experiencing a severe allergic reaction including the use of epinephrine auto-injectors.

Tremplin formation & Carrière gives healthcare and first aid courses according to Heart and Stroke guidelines .
All our instructors are Heart and Stroke certified.

Course Duration: 9 H

Language : French

Capacity : 12

Cost : CA$90.00

Course Completion Card :

Emergency First Aid Level C Valid for: 3 years*