We offer you the opportunity to register in various professional level programs. Choose from our selection of fields of study.
Whether you are looking to obtain the necessary skills to enter the job market or exploring a second career path, our programs will prepare you for the challenge.
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Studying in Québec, a World of Advantages!

Québec educational institutions are recognized for their great qualities and the excellence of their standards. Québec colleges offer many programs that provide hands-on experience, including co-op programs, where classroom instruction is alternated with workplace training and internships.

Study in French

Take advantage of your stay in Québec to learn or perfect your French. Québec is home to numerous language schools to help you reach your goal.

Stimulating student life

You’ll enjoy the opportunity to live in a stimulating, exciting, picturesque, and welcoming environment.
Whether you prefer wide open spaces, or the cultural and culinary attractions of a large, multicultural city like Montréal, there’s so much for students to discover in the beautiful province of Québec!
Immigration Québec offers a range of programs that allow international students to work during or after their studies, subject to certain conditions.

Our programs

Stay in Montreal after graduation

Foreign students can work while studying and even after graduation.
Graduates may also be eligible for permanent residence in Canada

  • CSSDM admission application form duly completed and signed by the student. ( Download PDF document download PDF document)
  • Birth certificate in French.
  • Copy of your passport
  • Copy of your diplomas and transcripts (Translation of the originals if other language than French and English).
  • 400$ for registration.


Interac transfer: please use email address
Payment at our office:by check or cash. By appointment only
For a bank transfer:
- ACCOUNT NUMBER : 815-30261-0284093-2
- NAME OF THE BANK : Caisse Desjardins

After the analysis of your file by the CSSDM, you will receive from us the acceptance decision which will allow you to start preparing your student visa application.