Program objectives:

Acquire the knowledge, ability and attitude necessary to become a qualified sales representative in wholesale, establish and maintain long-term relationships with customers, manage sales territories, and adapt quickly and easily to a wholesale establishment. 


To be admitted to this program, it suffices to meet one of the following conditions:
The person holds a DVS or is recognized for equivalent learning.
OR The person exercises a trade or profession related to this program of study.
Functional prerequisites It should be noted that the functional prerequisites do not apply for AVS programs.

Program contents:

CodeÉnoncé de la compétence HeuresUnités
945-422Determine their suitability for the occupation and the training process302
945-435Establish professional relationships as a sales representative755
945-443Manage their time and their sales territory453
945-454Perform operations in business mathematics604
945-468Represent a company for the sale of goods and services1208
945-474Develop prospects within a given sales territory604
945-484Enter the work force604